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Book cover for "Italian for Business": a close up of an espresso shot being pulled into a clear glass espresso cup and saucer. Un buon affare – Italian for Business (2016) Giuseppe Tassone Economics, Global and Transnational Studies, Italian
Review of Padri. Petrarca e Boccaccio nella poesia del Trecento. (2016) Beatrice Arduini Italian, Literary Criticism, Medieval
Review of Boccaccio. A Critical Guide to the Complete Works. (2016) Beatrice Arduini Italian, Literary Criticism, Medieval
Precarious Alliances Cover "Touched by an Author: Books and 'Intensive' Reading in the Late Eighteenth Century" (2016) Geoffrey Turnovsky 18th Century, French, Literature, Media Studies, Reception Studies, Textual Studies
MG title page "Les lecteurs du Mercure Galant. Trois aperçus." (2016) Geoffrey Turnovsky 17th Century, 18th Century, French, Literary Criticism, Textual Studies, West European
De mulieribus claris and the Disappearance of Women from Illustrated Print Biographies (2015) Susan Gaylard 16th Century, Art History, Body, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, Historiography, Literary Criticism, Medieval
"Boccaccio and His Desk." (2015) Italian, Literature, Medieval, Textual Studies, Visual Culture
Who is a Legitimate French Speaker? (2015) Maya Smith 21st Century, Applied Linguistics, Francophone, French, Linguistics, Postcolonial, Race and Ethnicity
Multilingual Practices of Senegalese Immigrants in Rome (2015) Maya Smith Applied Linguistics, Francophone, Italian, Race and Ethnicity
"A Psychogeography of the Monstrous in Le Premier Homme"  (2015) Lorenzo Giachetti 20th Century, French, Literary Criticism, Postcolonial
Review of Boccaccio e Apuleio (2015) Beatrice Arduini Italian, Medieval
Musica per l'abisso. La via di Terezin. Un'indagine storica ed estetica 1933-1945.  (2014) Ruggero Taradel History, Italian, Music
The Maximalist Novel: From Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow to Roberto Bolaño's 2666, by Stefano Ercolino Translation of The Maximalist Novel: From Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow to Roberto Bolaño's 2666, by Stefano Ercolino.  (2014) Albert Sbragia Literature, Novel/Prose Fiction, Translation and Interpretation
Guillaume Rondelet's Sea-Monsters and Bruno Latour's Modern Constitution. (2014) Louisa Mackenzie Animal Studies, History
 "La Galerie des Absents." (poetry) (2014) Denyse Delcourt Poetry and Poetics
Review of Elizabeth Eisenstein's Divine Art, Infernal Machine: The Reception of Printing in the West from First Impressions to the Sense of an Ending. (2013) Geoffrey Turnovsky History, Textual Studies
Book chapter: La Santa Sede e le leggi razziali in Italia e in Europa (2013) Ruggero Taradel History, Italian, Race and Ethnicity, Religion
"Vanishing Women: Gendering History in Sixteenth-Century Portrait-Books." (2013) Susan Gaylard 16th Century, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, History, Visual Culture
ISLE Journal Cover Reading Latour Outside: A Response to the Estok-Robisch Controversy (2013) Louisa Mackenzie Critical Theory, Ecocriticism, French
"Authorial Poverty and Transformations in Readership, 1750-1850. The Case of Nicholas Gilbert" (2013) Geoffrey Turnovsky 18th Century, French, Textual Studies
L2 Journal logo Using Interconnected Texts to Highlight Culture in the Foreign Language Classroom (2013) Maya Smith Language Pedagogy
statue with hollow eyes Hollow Men: Writing, Objects, and Public Image in Renaissance Italy (2013) Susan Gaylard 16th Century, Art History, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, Historiography, Literary Criticism, Medieval
"Swords and Flowers: Conversion in 'La Chanson de Roland' and 'Floire et Blanchefleur'" (2013) Denyse Delcourt Culture, French, Literature, Medieval
Review article. Ducci, Lucia a cura di. L' Unità debole: Letttere dell' Ambasciatore americano George P. March sull' Italia unita.  (2012) Albert Sbragia History, Italian
Review of What Else is Pastoral? Renaissance Literature and the Environment by Ken Hiltner.  (2012) Louisa Mackenzie Ecocriticism, Literature