Graduate Application Information

Applying to the French Graduate Program

What follows are requirements, and downloadable information/application materials for Graduate Programs in French Studies at the University of Washington.

Please e-mail if you have any further questions after having read the material.

Department Requirements for Admission to the French Graduate Program

The application deadline for Autumn Quarter 2025 is February 1st, 2025. Applicants who submit all required materials to the Department of French and Italian Studies by February 1st, 2025 will be included in the initial selection process and thus will be given full consideration for funding in the form of Teaching or Research Assistantships. The application will open on September 1st, 2023.

*For international applicants: suggested deadline is November 1, 2024, in order to allow ample time for document processing. Please contact us if you have missed the November 1 deadline but would still like to apply. Please note there are temporary requirements in place to demonstrate English proficiency, learn more here. The TOEFL & TSE or TOEFLibt is accepted of all international applicants and permanent resident applicants who do not hold a degree from a U.S. or other English-speaking institution in accepted countries (Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom). TOEFL scores** are valid for two years and must be sent directly to the University of Washington (school code 4854). Include a photocopy of the score report in your application packet that you send to the Department of French & Italian Studies. For more information about this exam, contact TOEFL/ETS Services at or call 877.863.3546. For registration information and testing locations, call 800.468.6335 or visit the TOEFL web site.

**International students should take their TOEFL and TSE (or TOEFLibt) by December 20th, 2024 in order for the UW to ensure score availability by the time application decisions are made. TAships and RAships include a tuition waiver as well as health insurance.

Applicants for admission to graduate study of French or Italian at the University of Washington must provide the following to the Department of French and Italian Studies, via the Graduate School's online application:

  1. Application for Graduate Admission, along with supporting documents.
  2. Letter of Intent
  3. Writing sample (3-10 pages in French. Preferably this would be a paper written for a French course).
  4. Three Letters of Recommendation
  5. Digital sound file of applicant speaking in target language (French) Please provide a recording (.m4a, .mp3, .wav, or .wma) of you reading a text of your choosing in French. If you wish, you may read from the writing sample you are submitting with your application. Include a spoken introduction in English of the text that you will read. Your reading should be no more than three minutes and your introduction no more than one minute.
  6. GRE scores are now optional. If you choose to include them in your application, the institution code is 4854. 
  7. Applicants whose native language is not English must demonstrate English language proficiency as outlined in Policy 3.2: Graduate School English Language Proficiency Requirements (formerly Memo 8). Such students who wish to be appointed as teaching assistants (TAs) must meet the conditions for appointment specified in Policy 5.2: Conditions of Appointment for TAs who are not Native Speakers of English (formerly Memo 15).

Teaching Assistantships

When applying for graduate study to the Department of French & Italian Studies please indicate if you are interested in being considered for a Teaching Assistantship. Please see the Teaching Assistantship application form for detailed instructions on how to apply. Please see the full description of the Teaching Assistantship position.

Graduate students in other departments within the College of Arts and Sciences may apply for Teaching Assistantships in French and Italian Studies.