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Summer in Paris

Man in sunglasses, navy/white striped long-sleeved shirt and knee-length jean shorts stands on the center divider of the road leading to the Arc de Triomphe, which perspective makes to appear that he is filling the archway.
"La plus belle expérience de ma vie" by Jacob Chong (Paris, France)
Eiffel Tower at night
"Eiffel Tower at Night" Paris, France - Amy Gallagher

Live and study in Paris over the summer! Improve your French and experience the beautiful City of Light! This program is about the discovery of the French capital city from a historical and cultural point of view. Lectures in both classes focus on the history of Paris and French culture. A variety of readings complement these lectures. Being in Paris, however, allows for much expansion on the information merely available through reading and lectures.

Lectures in both classes correlate to visits of sites mentioned during class on a daily basis. For instance, the Paris history class session that deals with the events leading to the construction of the Basilica of Saint Denis is immediately followed by a visit of said Basilica. Each visit begins with a student presentation of the site (all in French), and is followed by a complementary presentation of the same site by the faculty (in French, with partial translation). Students visit over a dozen significant monuments/museums with the group.  Program Application not active at this time.

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