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Autumn 2023
"When In Rome..." Rome, Italy; LSJ in Rome, 2016 By Sergio Garcia (2106 FIS Photo Contest)
2014 3rd Place Winner: "Roman Sunset" by Elizabeth Kimn

Imagine walking past the Pantheon on your way to class, stopping for a cappuccino and cornetto (the Italian version of a croissant) at your local café, and walking up a marble stairwell to your classroom in a 15th century palazzo built on the foundations of a Roman temple to Venus. This could be a start of your typical day while studying abroad in Rome.

Rome in Residence is UW’s campus abroad, hosted at the newly renovated UW Rome Center, located in the ancient heart of Rome just off the Campo de’ Fiori. This program is open to pre-majors and students in any major. You have the opportunity to study in Rome while completing general education requirements in English Composition (C), Individuals & Societies (I&S), and Visual, Literary & Performing Arts (VLPA). For a full 15-credit quarter you can choose from five 5-credit courses including Elementary Italian language (ITAL 101), architectural history of Rome, art history in Rome, communication and power in Italy, and the art of travel writing. All courses are about Rome & Italy, giving you an all-round and in-depth appreciation of the Eternal City. You will be taught by our outstanding and inspiring local faculty who are based in Rome and have deep experience and expertise in Rome, its culture and its history. The program is enriched with excursions throughout the city to museums, archeological sites, and hidden places of interest, as well as day trips outside of Rome. Living and studying in the center of historic Rome will also give you the opportunity to interact with the local community and discover some of the most important archeological, architectural, and artistic riches in Italy. And eat pizza. Really good pizza.

Student accommodations are mostly located off campus, less than 30-minute walk from the UWRC in apartments shared with other students. Many apartments are located in beautiful, centuries-old buildings, some of which have steep staircases or other architectural elements typical of old buildings. Apartments typically have one to three bedrooms, kitchen, living room/common area, and one or more bathrooms. All apartments are furnished and have a fully-equipped kitchen including standard Italian kitchenware, washing machine and drying rack. Bedrooms are usually shared with one or two other students, including one single bed per student and closet/clothing storage space. 

Rome is waiting for you.

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Offered Winter 2023, Spring 2023, and Autumn 2023

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