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French & Italian Placement Tests

The UW Testing Center is now closed. An online placement test for French and Italian is offered by the Department of French & Italian Studies. To take the placement test, read all of the information below and follow the link to register and pay for your placement test. Email the FIS main office at with any questions.

If you took French or Italian in high school you must take a placement test, unless you already have college credit from UW in the High School, Running Start, an AP language exam, or Higher Level IB French/Italian exams. Otherwise, the UW registration system will not allow you to register for French/Italian courses.
If you have never taken French/Italian before, you do not need to take a placement test. You are eligible to register for FRENCH 101 or ITAL 101.

Students who have taken two or more years of French/Italian in high school or use French/Italian as their language of admission to the UW will not earn credit if they take FRENCH/ITAL 101 at UW.  This is considered high school duplication. If such a student takes the placement test and places into 101 then that student may take 101 but will not receive credit for the class. Students can take the class and receive a grade but these credits will not apply to overall total for graduation. Students in this situation can receive credit for FRENCH/ITAL 102 and on.

Learn more about foreign Language credit and requirements at the UW.

 French & Italian Placement Tests

The Department of French & Italian Studies in partnership with Avant Assessment offers comprehensive online French and Italian placement tests for students seeking placement in French or Italian language courses or to demonstrate proficiency for graduation requirements. All students who have previously studied French/Italian but do not have college credit  must take the placement test in order to register for a French/Italian language course at the UW.

The Avant STAMP 4S placement test is a remotely proctored, web-based test that assesses French/Italian language proficiency. The Avant STAMP 4S test has four sections and test items are based on real-world, everyday situations. The Avant STAMP 4S placement test costs $39.90 and is payable online by debit/credit card. On average the test takes around 2 hours and the maximum amount of time allowed is 3 hours (180 minutes).

The test’s four sections are; Reading (30 multiple choice questions), Writing (3 prompts), Listening (30 multiple choice questions), and Speaking (3 prompts). The Avant STAMP 4S placement test can place students from elementary to advanced French/Italian courses. Students do not need to study for the placement test but can review materials from previous courses.

You may wish to prepare for the test by consulting the following guides.

Register for the French placement test HERE using your UW email address and student ID number if you have one.

Register for the Italian placement test HERE using your UW email address and student ID number if you have one.

Please note once you have taken the test we normally have the results within 7 days. At which point, you will receive an email from with your placement results and if possible we will assist you with registering for an open section of the course you have placed into. You WILL NOT be able to register yourself. Placement test results are accepted for registration 1 year after the date you took the test, after which they will expire.

New first year students should take the exam as soon as possible during the summer and at least 2 weeks before autumn quarter begins. Current UW students should take the placement test before the end of registration Period II to register for courses the next quarter. At the latest current students must take the placement test at least 3 weeks before the quarter begins in which they wish to take a course otherwise it will not be possible to take a course that quarter. If you have questions email .

If you have any issues with registering or taking the test please contact Avant’s Support team at or phone 1-888-713-7887 for assistance. They are open 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time Monday – Friday. You may also contact the UW Testing Center at

Registration Information:

Students who take the placement test are eligible to register at the start of registration Period II in any given quarter. Only students currently in language courses can register for language courses next quarter in registration Period I. Please check the academic calendar for registration Period I & II dates. Students with no French/Italian language courses on their transcripts (high-school level or above) are eligible to register for 101 during Period I. All students must attend the first two days of class in order to maintain registration.