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Non-Degree Study

We encourage students from all majors to consider language study in French or Italian.  We offer many courses to choose from during the academic year, plus intensive summer courses for those who can't fit language study in their schedules during the regular academic year. 

High school students can also apply for non-degree status at the UW in order to take French or Italian courses. This is a great option for students wishing to study a language that is not offered at their high school. Studying at UW during summer quarter is a great way to jump-start language learning while earning college credit!

One study option for non-degree seeking students is the Access Program.  This program allows Washington State residents aged 60 and above to audit UW courses on a space-available basis (and with instructor permission) for a very small fee. Access students are able to register in our upper level lecture courses as space and the instructor permits. Please note that per departmental policy access students are not allowed to register in 100 level langauge classes. Please email for any questions or the instuctor of the class you are interested in taking.