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Assistant Professor of Italian, Undergraduate Program Coordinator (Italian)
Professor of French, Undergraduate Program Coordinator (French)
Associate Professor in Italian
Graduate Student, Italian Studies
KA Snider, Head Shot
Alumna, French Studies
Senior Lecturer Emerita


Events mentioning "Medieval"

Past Events


Title Date Time Location
Film screening: "Maratona Infernale" Sep 24 to Sep 25 Seattle Center Armory - Loft 2


Title Date Time Location
A Knight is Changed into a Bear: Magic, Fiction and Monumentality in 'Le Roman de Perceforest'
Denyse Delcourt (Associate Professor, French Studies)
May 21 4:30pm CMU 226


Title Date Time Location
"Dante and the Early Tradition of his Commedia"
Beatrice Arduini
Oct 14 2:00pm Kane Hall 225 (Walker-Ames Room)
From Fragment to Fame. How Dante's Convivio Became a Cultural Icon
Beatrice Arduini (Ph.D., Indiana University)
Feb 24 2:30pm Petersen Room (Allen Library, 4th Floor, Room 485)
Dante's Ambivalence Toward the Lustful
Tristan Kay (Ph.D., The Queen's College, University of Oxford, UK)
Feb 17 1:00pm Petersen Room (Allen Library, 4th Floor, Room 485)
Exile and Rhetorical Closure in Dante's De vulgari eloquentia and Convivio
Laurence Hooper (Ph.D., University of Cambridge)
Feb 10 3:30pm Petersen Room (Allen Library, 4th Floor, Room 485)