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Registration/Credit Policies

Registration Procedures
(Autumn, Winter, and Spring Quarters)

If you took French or Italian in high school but have no college credit, you will need to take a Placement Test before you will be able to register for classes. For information about the testing schedule, please contact:

Office of Educational Assessment
440 Schmitz Hall
(206) 543-1170

 Below you will find information on the following topics:

French/Italian 101:

  • If you have never taken French/Italian before, you are considered a beginner and do not need to take a placement test. You are eligible for 101.
  • Register on your Period I registration date. 
  • Registration is on a space-available basis only. 
  • Course limits may differ from classroom capacities.  The number of students that will be able to register for a course is determined by the course limit, NOT by the classroom capacity.

If you aren't able to get into French/Italian 101,

  • Consider taking French or Italian if available during summer quarter. Summer registration is on a first-come, first-served basis and is available to non-matriculated students. FRENCH 101 is usually offered in A term and FRENCH 102 is usually offered in B term.
  • Consider enrolling in an accelerated course:
    • ITAL 111 (101 and 102 Combined)  10 credits
      Italian 111 (usually offered in winter quarter) is an intensive and accelerated course for students with no previous knowledge of Italian. Successful completion of the course requires that students study for 4 hours every day outside of class. Students who take 111 are then able to enroll in 103 the following quarter.

Students with GSP wishing to enroll in 102, 103, 110, 111, or 200-level languages courses:

  • Seniors who have applied to graduate in their next two quarters are eligible for Graduating Senior Priority (GSP) registration. If you currently have GSP  status, please e-mail the adviser at with your student #, and the SLNs of *open* sections that work with your schedule.  In order to take advantage of your GSP status, you will need to register online or contact the adviser prior to classes filling up.

GSP Status

  • GSP stands for Graduating Senior Priority.  This status can be obtained two quarters prior to your expected date of graduation. Having GSP status gives a senior top registration priority for a maximum of two quarters. To apply for this status, please contact an adviser in your home department. Once you have GSP, contact for assistance registering for the course.

Registration for students who are currently in the sequence

  • If you are already "in sequence" (currently taking a language course), you have priority and can register for the next course level on your Period I registration date. (i.e. If you are currently taking FRENCH 101 you can register in Period I for FRENCH 102.)

Registration for students who are not currently in the sequence

If you are not currently taking a French language class at UW, then you are eligible to register at the start of registration Period II as long as space is available:

  • If you have taken French in high school or somewhere else but don't have college credit or extension credit from the AP or IB exam,  you must demonstrate proof of eligibility for the class you wish to take. This can be achieved by taking the First Year French Undergraduate Placement Test. The First Year French Placement test can only be taken on campus in Schmitz Hall at the Office of Testing Center. The test is one hour long and all multiple choice. You will get your score and placement immediately after the test. The day after the test you will be eligible to register for the course you placed into. Students with acceptable transfer credit, credit from the AP French Language exam, or Higher Level IB credit should be able to register for the appropriate course when eligible.

Waiting List information

If no spaces are available when you become eligible to register, please continue to check availability online throughout Period II, as students may drop.  If you're still unable to enroll, you may want to:

  • Place your name on the waiting list on the first day of class — it is important to note that waiting lists will not be created prior to the first day of class.
  • If an ENROLLED student drops the course you are sitting in on during the first two days of the quarter, the instructor will determine who will be given the space.  If you are unable to enroll please contact 100/200-level advising at during the first two weeks of the quarter to have your name placed on a waiting list for the following quarter.

It is important to note that students are added to sections on a space-available basis only.  No overloads.

  • If you have your name placed on the advising waiting list for the following quarter, you must then follow up with an e-mail to 100/200-level advising at during registration for that quarter, prior to courses filling up in order to receive assistance.

Credit policy for 100-level French and Italian courses

  • Students are not eligible to receive more than 15 credits for any combination of 101, 102, 103, 111, and 134 (for both French and Italian).

Access Student/Auditor Policy

  • UW policy states that auditors may not participate in class discussions, homework, or other assignments.
  • Access students may not register for language courses taught by graduate student instructors (Academic Student Employees). Access students should attend class on the first day, speak with the instructor, and get permission to audit the course from the instructor and  also get the entry code for the registration form from the instructor.
  • Please read the Access Student Guidelines and Policy for more information.