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Alumni Profiles

Several French and Italian Studies alumni have shared the paths they followed after graduation, how their languages have fit into their careers, and why they think the knowledge of foreign languages is beneficial. Check out our Alumni Profiles section.

Career Planning Resources

It has been our experience that students with substantial foreign language fluency who combine their language skills with a solid foundation in the liberal arts, adequate job search preparation and internships (Career and Internship Center; CELE Center) find fulfilling occupations.  Some students choose to complement their undergraduate studies with graduate programs.  Our department's commitment is to impart to our students a genuine desire for lifelong learning, a flexible approach to that process, and a seriousness of purpose.

Please see the Making the Most of Your Major (PDF) handout from the Career Center for suggestions.

** Visit the Community Engagement and Leadership Education (CELE) Center:  All students should attempt to gain internship experience**

Foreign Language Education and Career Opportunities

Employment related to foreign languages sometimes occurs within a specialized field.  A combination of study in a foreign language and International Studies is ideal for students seeking job opportunities in the following areas:


  • Foreign service & diplomatic fields
  • Intelligence agencies
  • Immigration & Customs
  • Department of Labor
  • Law Enforcement
  • Armed Forces
  • Legal agencies
  • Public aid
  • Social & community work
  • International agencies, such as the United Nations, UNICEF


  • Airlines
  • Marketing
  • Banking/Finance
  • Multi-national corporations
  • Shipping industry
  • Travel and hotel industries
  • Import/Export firms, such as computers, pharmaceutical, clothing, food, cosmetics, machinery, steel, lumber, petroleum
  • Publishing houses
  • Consulting

Related Fields

  • Journalism
  • Radio and television
  • Fashion enterprises
  • Teaching/Counseling
  • Translation
  • Bilingual office work
  • Library/museum work
  • Healthcare
  • Phone companies
  • Art and cultural affairs
  • Film and theatrical industries