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Autumn in Nantes

The Department of French and Italian Studies will offers a annual program in Nantes each autumn quarter. Nantes is the capital of the region named Pays de Loire and the old capital of the Bretagne areas. It is a beautiful city where almost 500,000 people live.  Nantes is a dynamic, culturally rich city, only 2 hours away by train from Paris. Nantes is also one of Seattle’s sister cities.

Program Description

The University of Nantes is a large institution that welcomes more than 30,000 students. You will be officially studying at the University of Nantes while concurrently enrolled at the University of Washington. In Nantes, you will be part of the IRFLE, which is the school for teaching French as a foreign language.

The minimum prerequisite for this program is French 103. The program is open to students of all levels beyond 103.

Prior to the beginning of the fall IRFLE program, you will be required to participate in a short pre-session program in Paris and Nantes, which will be arranged by the UW. You will receive more detailed information after you have been accepted to the program. 

During fall semester, you will participate in excursions and various cultural events. Some of these activities will be offered and organized by the UW on-site coordinator who will stay in Nantes for the first week of the program. A two-person team of local coordinators will be available for assistance and conversation classes throughout the semester.

Spring Semester Option

Students who have completed the UW's fall semester program in Nantes have the option of continuing with their studies in Nantes during spring semester (winter and spring quarters). Interested students can do so in two different ways: continue studies of French language for foreigners at the IRFLE, or participate in a direct exchange at the University of Nantes. For further information about these programs, please contact the UW Study Abroad office either prior to departure.

2020 Nantes Brochure (PDF)

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