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Part-Time Lecturer, French
Senior Lecturer in Italian
Senior Lecturer in Italian
Associate Professor of French
Graduate Program Coordinator

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Past Events


Title Date Time Location
The French Election and the Future of the European Union
Sabine Lang, Richard Watts, Frank Wendler, Ernesto Peñas-Lado
May 15 6:30pm Kane Hall, Walker Ames Room (225)
Ken Bugul: Race, Gender, and the Novel in Senegal
Ken Bugul
Apr 25 3:30pm CMU 120
French Election Discussion
Richard Watts & Phillip Shekleton
Apr 6 5:30pm Dempsey Hall 104


Title Date Time Location
Language Use and Identity formation: A comparative study of Senegalese communities in Paris, Rome, and New York City
Maya Smith
Apr 24 3:30pm Mary Gates Hall 241