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Assistant Professor of Italian, Undergraduate Program Coordinator (Italian)
Predoctoral Instructor
Graduate Student
Associate Professor of French

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Past Events


Title Date Time Location
Alain Vaillant Presents Modernité et révolution médiatique dans la France du XIXe siècle 
Alain Vaillant
Apr 14 3:30pm Communications 202/204


Title Date Time Location
Histories and Futures of Publication lecture series
Michael Papio, UMass Amherst, Professor of Italian Studies
May 12 3:30pm CMU 202
"Writing in Wood and Word:" Bonnie Mak to present as part of the Histories and Futures of Publication lecture series
Bonnie Mak, Pennsylvania State University
Feb 3 3:30pm CMU 202
Deirdre Lynch of Harvard University to present as part of the Histories and Futures of Publication lecture series
Deirdre Lynch, Professor of Literature, Harvard University
Jan 20 3:30pm HUB 145


Title Date Time Location
Life Sentences: Women Prisoners Reflect on Reading
Megan Sweeney (Michigan)
May 20 4:30pm CMU 120
In the Workshop of the Mind: Collaborative Relationships in Early Modern Europe
Ann Blair (Harvard)
May 14 4:00pm CMU 120
Society of Textual Scholarship Annual Meeting Mar 20 to Mar 22 Various locations around campus
Latent Adjacencies in Manuscript and Digital Technologies
Elain Treharne (Stanford)
Mar 13 4:30pm Yukon Pacific Room, UW Club
Andrew Piper (McGill) on network analysis and literary history Mar 11 4:30pm Yukon Pacific Room, UW Club
 Literary History, Book History, and Media Studies 
Meredith McGill (Rutgers)
Jan 16 4:00pm Communications 120


Title Date Time Location
Books as Social Media
Leah Price (Harvard)
Dec 2 4:00pm HUB 145
Print Culture in India
Ulrike Stark (Chicago)
Nov 15 3:30pm Allen Auditorium, Allen Library
Inoperable Communities in the Cloud: Server Farms and the Ideology of Participation
Tung-Hui Hu
Oct 3 4:30pm Allen Auditorium, Allen Library
Spring Graduate/Faculty Colloquium Jun 7 2:30pm SAV 168


Title Date Time Location
Letters from France
Jean François Porchez (Award-winning French designer)
Feb 16 7:00pm Good Shepherd Center Chapel in Wallingford