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Assistant Professor of Italian, Undergraduate Program Coordinator (Italian)
Predoctoral Instructor
Graduate Student
Professor of Comparative Literature and French
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Graduate Student, French Studies
Professor Emeritus, French
Associate Professor Emeritus, French
Part-time Lecturer of French
Professor of French, Undergraduate Program Coordinator (French)
Associate Professor in Italian
Senior Lecturer in Italian
Associate Professor of French
Graduate Student, French Studies
Senior Lecturer in Italian
Principal Lecturer in French/100-level French Language Coordinator
Associate Professor of History
Graduate Student, Italian Studies
Associate Professor of Italian
KA Snider, Head Shot
Alumna, French Studies
Teaching Associate in Italian
Graduate Student, French Studies
Lecturer in Italian, Undergraduate Academic Counselor, Graduate Program Adviser
Associate Professor of French
Senior Lecturer in French/300-level French Language Coordinator
Associate Professor of French
Graduate Program Coordinator
Senior Lecturer Emerita



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Title Date Time Location
Ken Bugul: Race, Gender, and the Novel in Senegal
Ken Bugul
Apr 25 3:30pm CMU 120
Lewis C. Seifert on Fairy Tale as Error: Tahar Ben Jelloun Rewrites Charles Perrault 
Lewis C. Seifert
Apr 20 3:30pm Communications Building room 120
Author Sandra Evans Presents Her Debut Novel This Is Not A Werewolf Story 
Sandra Evans
Feb 10 4:00pm Communications 226


Title Date Time Location
Come celebrate the birthday of Rome with us! Apr 21 6:30pm to 8:00pm GLD 322
Deirdre Lynch of Harvard University to present as part of the Histories and Futures of Publication lecture series
Deirdre Lynch, Professor of Literature, Harvard University
Jan 20 3:30pm HUB 145


Title Date Time Location
Thinking with Cats (Seattle Arts & Lectures talk)
Louisa Mackenzie, Associate Professor
Feb 27 7:00pm Henry Art Gallery Auditorium, UW (Seattle)


Title Date Time Location
Lola Lafon: New French Fiction
Lola Lafon
Oct 22 3:30pm to 5:00pm CMU 218 D (Simpson Center for the Humanities)
A Knight is Changed into a Bear: Magic, Fiction and Monumentality in 'Le Roman de Perceforest'
Denyse Delcourt (Associate Professor, French Studies)
May 21 4:30pm CMU 226


Title Date Time Location
Spring Graduate/Faculty Colloquium Jun 7 2:30pm SAV 168
Presentation of French Honors Theses Jun 4 4:00pm SMI 115
Poetry Reading: Italian 341 (Poetry in Translation) May 31 7:00pm Ryan James Gallery
Colloquium: Aimé Césaire and His Worlds Mar 7 3:30pm to 6:20pm SMI 304
"Senegalese Immigration to Europe: Negotiation of Borders and Conceptualization of Identities"
Maya Smith (Ph.D. UC- Berkeley, spring 2013)
Feb 1 1:30pm Petersen Room, Allen Library (4th Floor, Room 485)
"The Cursed Writer: Women, Publicity, and Novels for Adolescents in Nineteenth-Century France"
Alexandra Parfitt (Ph.D., Yale University, 2010)
Jan 28 4:30pm Allen Auditorium, Suzzallo Library
Info Session on FIS Study Abroad Programs in France or Martinique! Jan 24 4:00pm SMI 305
"The Origins of Scandal: Constructing a Campaign against the Imprisonment of Minors"
Kari Evanson (Ph.D., New York University, 2012)
Jan 22 4:30pm Allen Auditorium, Suzzallo Library
Italian Studies in Rome & Rogliano info. session Jan 18 2:00pm THO 134
"Literary Studies in the Digital Age: Text, Context, Intertext"
Glenn Roe, University of Oxford, UK
Jan 18 1:30pm Petersen Room, Allen Library (4th Floor, Room 485)
Martinique Summer 2013 - Environmental Cultural Studies in the French Caribbean Jan 11 2:30pm DEN 205


Title Date Time Location
Study Abroad Fair Oct 17 10:00am to 2:00pm Mary Gates Hall Commons
"Dante and the Early Tradition of his Commedia"
Beatrice Arduini
Oct 14 2:00pm Kane Hall 225 (Walker-Ames Room)
Dante and the Early Tradition of his Commedia
Beatrice Arduini, Assistant Professor of Italian
Oct 14 2:00pm Kane Hall, Room 225 (Walker-Ames)
World Languages Day for High School Students May 4 UW- Seattle Campus
Tempo di Primavera event to benefit the UW Italian Studies Program Apr 22 5:00pm to 10:00pm Ristorante Luciano
From Fragment to Fame. How Dante's Convivio Became a Cultural Icon
Beatrice Arduini (Ph.D., Indiana University)
Feb 24 2:30pm Petersen Room (Allen Library, 4th Floor, Room 485)
Dante's Ambivalence Toward the Lustful
Tristan Kay (Ph.D., The Queen's College, University of Oxford, UK)
Feb 17 1:00pm Petersen Room (Allen Library, 4th Floor, Room 485)
Exile and Rhetorical Closure in Dante's De vulgari eloquentia and Convivio
Laurence Hooper (Ph.D., University of Cambridge)
Feb 10 3:30pm Petersen Room (Allen Library, 4th Floor, Room 485)
Renaissance Revival. The Alessandro Maggiori Collection: Art and Politics in Eighteenth-Century Italy
Ricardo de Mambro Santos (Art History, Willamette University)
Jan 22 2:00pm Kane Hall 225, Walker-Ames Room


Title Date Time Location
Tempo di Vendemmia dinner & fundraiser for Italian Studies Feb 21 5:00pm Elysian Fields Restaurant