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French Thinking About Animals

Jacques Derrida sitting in a chair with a cat on his lap
Eds. Louisa Mackenzie and  Stephanie Posthumus. French Thinking About Animals. Michigan State University (2015).

Louisa Mackenzie and Stephanie Posthumus (McGill) have just signed a contract with Michigan State University Press as co-editors of a collection of essays, "French Thinking About Animals."

"Animal Studies" is flourishing in Anglophone and Francophone contexts, with often different philosophical and ethical engagements. This edited volume brings together scholars working in France, Belgium, the USA, and Canada, in a spirit of dialogue, asking them to reflect specifically on how Anglophone and Francophone approaches to animals can inform and enrich each other. All chapters will be translated into English in order to present the depth of the French "question animale" to an English readership. Contributors include Vinciane Despret, Anne Simon, Dominique Lestel, Peter Sahlins and Carla Freccero.

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