Digital Teaching Resources

This is a living document and will change and grow based on creation and discovery of new tools, changes in support and service (including pilots/trials), continued testing and research, and instructor feedback.

This guide was assembled and maintained by Academic Programs & Services Specialist Amanda Demeter. Your input is welcome based on your experiences with the below tools, particularly in the context of UW-based teaching and/or research, or regarding the format and/or location of this guide. Email to suggest changes or updates.

General Resources
Multimedia Production Tools
Publishing & Annotation Tools
Digital Classroom Tools

General Resources

UW Teaching Remotely: Site sponsored by the Center for Teaching and Learning providing best practices and resources for remote teaching. Includes student and instructor feedback on what is and is not working in UW classrooms, links to many of the resources included below, and more.

UW IT Teaching Tools: Information, training resources, and other guides to the common tools used by UW (Canvas, Gradebook, Panopto). Also includes special section on Remote Teaching Resources with expanded resources on additional tools. Of particular note, the latter section includes information on technology considerations for students learning remotely in China.

Other targeted guides from UW IT:

UW Libraries Teaching Support: Information on course materials, tools, workshops and training, and other library resources available to instructors.

UW Libraries Digital Scholarship Platform: Landing page for the libraries’ digital scholarship tools project, which includes Reclaim hosting for Wordpress, Omeka, Manifold, and Scalar.

UW Policies for Remote Teaching: Addresses FERPA concerns around recording, use of technology, etc., as well as synchronous teaching timing, grading, and other issues.

Teaching & Faculty Resources: Guide with links to resources on teaching classes, getting teaching and research support, policies & procedures, grading and evaluation, and facilities. From the iSchool.

UW Syllabus Guidelines and Resources

Teaching Effectively During Times of Disruption: UW-created Google doc.

Going Online in a Hurry: What to Do and Where to Start: Guide from the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Creative Assignment Ideas of Teaching at a Distance: Learning activities designed by the Center for Experimental Humanities at Bard College.

Online Teaching Resources: List of resources from H-France listserv for general and French Studies teaching.

Helping Students Re-Engage: Guide from the Center for Teaching and Learning on classroom strategies for the return to in-person courses.