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Coronavirus Resources for Faculty & Staff

French & Italian Studies COVID-19 Prevention Plan

The University of Washington requires students and personnel to be vaccinated against COVID-19 before returning to campus. The vaccines being administered are safe and effective, and you can be vaccinated at any provider at no cost to you. Please visit this site for information about vaccination requirements.

Covid-19 FAQ (including guidance on prevention, health & vaccines)

Please visit this site for the most up to date guidance. For guidance and requirements for Covid-19 public health requirements please review this flowchart from Environmental Health and Safety.


Before returning to campus, you must take the university’s Back-to-the-Workplace COVID-19 Safety Training and send proof of successful completion to the French and Italian Studies COVID-19 Supervisor, Maria Francom (

Changes to face covering policies as of 9/29/21

The University is reinstating an indoor mask mandate for all individuals, regardless of vaccination status. A mask or other suitable face covering is required indoors when other people are present and in all public and common areas, such as lobbies, hallways, stairways, restrooms, elevators and shared vehicles.

Eating and Drinking Guidance for Covid-19 Prevention

The UW Face Covering Policy allows individuals to unmask when actively eating and
drinking in appropriate places. When face coverings are removed for eating and drinking an
individual will release more respiratory droplets and small particles (aerosols) while
chewing, breathing, laughing, and speaking. If a person is infected with COVID-19, the
respiratory droplets and aerosols they exhale can contain the SARS-CoV-2 virus which have
the potential to expose others. This document provides best practices for minimizing the potential for Covid-19 transmission.

Practice Good Hygiene

Practicing good hygiene is a key factor in slowing the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses.  While at the university, please wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If water is not available, use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content.  Hand sanitizer is available in the area outside of the conference room.  In addition, avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands; avoid contact with people who are sick; and cover your mouth and nose with your elbow or a tissue when coughing or sneezing, and then immediately dispose of the used tissue.

Husky Coronavirus Testing Program

The Husky Coronavirus Testing Program is a critical part of our back-to-campus efforts. All community members – faculty, staff and students – are strongly encouraged to enroll in the Husky Coronavirus Testing program, especially those that will be on a UW campus/facility for work, courses, research and other purposes during autumn quarter. Testing through the program is free for all students, staff and faculty and other academic personnel. Results of testing through the program will sync with Environmental Health & Safety's contact tracing efforts. Please note that signing up and participating in this program does not replace the need to still complete the daily attestation in Workday when working on campus. More information about how to register is available here.

WA Notify

If you are a Washington state resident, you can enroll now in WA Notify, a smartphone app that lets you know when you’ve potentially been exposed to COVID-19. This new tool is free, completely private, and does not track your activity or identity.

UW Case Tracking Dashboard

This dashboard includes positive COVID-19 test results reported to the University by UW community members, and test results (both positive and negative) from the Husky Coronavirus Testing program powered by the Seattle Flu Study (SFS).

We are ALL responsible for slowing the spread of COVID-19.  If you have any questions about these guidelines, please contact the department's COVID-19 supervisor Maria Francom (


Child and Family Care During Covid 19

Back up Care Options 

UW Child Care Connections

Adult and Elder Care Options

Covid Employee Emergency Fund

Shared Leave Program Extended to Covid

Financial Well-Being During Covid

Carelink Resources