Classes with Closed Registration

What to do when the course you want to take is closed:

The Department of French and Italian Studies does not endorse overloads in 100- and 200-level language courses.  If the course you want is closed you may attend a class for the first two days of the quarter and place your name on the waiting list for that section.  If an enrolled student should drop the course, the instructor may provide a student from the list with an entry code.  Placing your name on a waiting list does not guarantee you a place in the course.  The order in which names appear on the waiting list does not determine the order of who will be added to the course, rather, priority will be determined by the instructor. 

If you find that the French or Italian course you wish to take is full you might consider one of the other many languages the University offers, or see if you can take French or Italian language courses in summer quarter. 
Add codes, when given, are handed out by instructors and are not obtained through the advising office.