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French & Italian Studies ACCESS Student Policy & Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in auditing a course in the Department of French and Italian Studies.
Please be advised that we cannot guarantee a place for ACCESS students or other auditors in any of
our classes. This will depend on the type and level of course, the space available, the overall
enrollment, and ultimately remains at the discretion of the instructor.  Please see the faculty directory and the current course time schedule if you wish to contact the instructor of the course you are interested in. To register for a FRENCH or ITAL course, Access students need a 5 digit add code to submit to the Registrar. Email the instructor to request an add code, ideally before the quarter begins.

Should you be able to audit a course, please consult the University’s official ACCESS student
policy as well as the  Student Conduct Code.

Per University policy: “ACCESS students attend classes on an audit basis as a non-matriculated
student. As an auditor, you may not participate in class discussions, take tests, or submit
papers.” As an ACCESS student you are not eligible to take part in instructor office hours. Your instructor may decide to include you in certain activities at his or her discretion.

At the end of the quarter, you should not have access to an online evaluation form, please do not complete an online course evaluation. You are welcome to send your instructor comments by e-mail. If you would like to take a language class and are uncertain about your level or which course to audit, please take a placement test with the Office of Educational Assessment Testing Center.

Please direct any further questions to our office at