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Minor in French Studies

To minor in French Studies, thirty (30) approved credits above French 203 are required.  It is important to note that French majors have priority over French minors when registering for upper level French courses.

PLEASE NOTE: The Department of French & Italian Studies cannot guarantee that French minors will be able to complete their requirements in a timely manner. We encourage minors to take as many courses as possible during summer quarter since we cannot guarantee access to courses during the regular academic year.

French Minor Requirements


  • 301 and 302 Advanced Syntax and Composition (10 credits)
  •  One of the following: FRENCH 304, FRENCH 305, or FRENCH 306; one course at the FRENCH 370-level (FRENCH 376 OR 378)
  • 10 credits above FRENCH 203 (excludes FRENCH 227, 234, 237, 297, 299, 327, and 337)
  • Minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA for courses applied to the minor
  • Maximum 10 credits of approved study-abroad coursework may be petitioned to apply to the minor


  • French 203 for 301, or any FRENCH 370-level course
  • French 301 for 302 (MUST BE TAKEN IN SEQUENCE)
  • French 302 for any survey literature course (enrollment in 302 may be concurrent with the survey course).

A minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA is required for courses applied toward the minor.

Note: Up to 10 credits taken abroad may be counted toward the minor with adviser approval.

Students can declare a minor with the adviser in their major department. Please contact Sabrina Tatta (C-252 Padelford Hall, with any other questions about the French minor.