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Major in French Studies

To obtain a BA with a major in French Studies, fifty-five (55) approved credits above French 203 are required.

French Major Requirements


  • 301, 302* Advanced Syntax and Composition (10 credits)
  • The following three survey courses:
    304 Issues and Perspectives in French and Francophone Studies (5 credits, VLPA)
    305 Texts and Traditions I (5 credits, VLPA)
    306 Texts and Traditions II (5 credits, VLPA)
  •  One course at the FRENCH 370-level (5 credits)
  •  Two 400-level French Literature Courses (10 credits)
  •  Electives: 15 credits above FRENCH 203 from an approved list of electives. See adviser for approved list.
  • Maximum 15 credits of approved study-abroad coursework may be petitioned to apply to the major
  • A minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA is required for courses applied toward the major.


  • French 203 for 301, or any FRENCH 370-level course
  • French 301 for 302 (MUST BE TAKEN IN SEQUENCE)
  • French 302 for any survey literature course (enrollment in 302 may be concurrent with the survey course).
  • At least one survey literature course (French 304, 305, 306) must be completed prior to enrolling in 400-level courses.