Master in Teaching Program with a Teaching Certificate in French

The one-year Secondary (Middle/High School) Teacher Education Program allows students to earn a Master in Teaching degree with a French teaching certification. Students can earn a Master in Teaching degree, with a residency teacher certificate for middle or high school teaching in mathematics, sciences, social studies, language arts, or world languages. MIT graduates are prepared to address adolescent-specific issues, to support youth from poverty-impacted communities, and to help these students make the transition into young adulthood. Students that complete this program go on to teach across Washington state and beyond.

This program has enjoyed a high rate of success with 100% of graduates being placed, and those in the Puget Sound area earning on average starting salaries of $50,000-$60,000. Students planning to pursue the Secondary Teacher Education Program MIT at the University of Washington should contact the College of Education Graduate Programs, Office of Student Services, 206 Miller Hall, Box 353600, email, or call (206) 543-7834 for application information.
*World Language applicants in the Secondary MIT cohort must pass the Designated World Languages WEST-E along with the ACTFL Writing Proficiency Test and the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview at the Advanced-Low level in the target language. Additional information is found on the ACTFL web site.

Applicants to the Secondary (Middle/High School) Teacher Education Program must have their transcripts evaluated to receive a primary or secondary endorsement in French. 

To have your undergraduate courses evaluated  by the Department of French & Italian Studies for your application please email with your complete undergraduate transcripts attached along with the Masters in Teaching Endorsement Evaluation form. Please also include any additional information you have for your undergraduate French courses; course descriptions, the language your French courses was taught in, and course syllabi.

Primary Endorsement in French:

Available to those with a UW MIT degree and State of WA teaching certificate. Requires completion of 45 credits of 300 and 400-level work (with the exception of LING 200) as described below:

  • Mandatory requirement: French 301, 302
  • Literary Studies (at least one course from this category)
  • Cultural and Historical Studies (at least one from this category): French 320, 376, 378, 379
  • Linguistics: LING 200 or LING 400
  • To meet the minimum requirement of 45 credits students may take any additional 300- or 400-level French credits, as long as no more than 10 of the 45 credits are taught in English

Secondary Endorsement in French:

Requires completion of 45 credits of 300 and 400-level French, as follows:

  • Mandatory requirement: French 301, 302,
  • Cultural and Historical Studies (at least one) French 320, 376, 378, 379
  • 30 credits from French courses at the 300 and 400-level