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Photo Contest 2018

Finalist Entries 2018

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  • People at a lake in Toulouse
    18. "La Tradition Française" (Toulouse, France)

  • Tourist in Venice
    10. "Aaliyah in Venice" (Venice, Italy)

  • Art in Senegal
    15. "Women at Work" (Dakar, Senegal)

  • Vatican City
    5. "Il Cielo Dal Punto Di Vista Del Papa" (Vatican City)

  • Room in Paris
    17. "A Room" (Paris, France)

  • Setting Sun from the Eiffel Tower
    19. "Setting Sun on the Eiffel Tower" (Paris, France)

  • Lake Leman
    4. "Coucher de Soleil Nuageux sur le Lac Léman" (Lausanne, Switzerland)

  • Ruins in Bordeaux
    13. "Ruins" (Bordeaux, France)

  • The World Will live as One
    1. "Un Défilé Pour la Paix" (Lyon, France)

  • Paris Street
    12. "Bleu" (Paris, France)

  • Palais Garnier
    3. "Le Palais Garnier" (Paris, France)

  • Venice Alley
    9. "Canale di Venezia" (Venice, Italy)

  • Marie Antoinette's Mill
    8. Marie Antoinette's Mill (Versailles, France)

  • Taking Pictures of the Mona Lisa
    14. "Mona Lisa" (Paris, France)

  • Venice, Italy
    16. "Afternoon in Venice" (Venice, Italy)

  • Stairwell of Arc de Triomphe
    11. "Arc de Triomphe" (Paris, France)

  • Ponte Vecchio
    20. "Ponte Vecchio" (Florence, Italy)

  • Bordeaux, France
    2. "Le Miroir D'eau" (Bordeaux, France)

  • Market in Rome
    7. "Bruno's Market" (Rome, Italy)

  • St. Peter's Basilica
    6. "St. Peter's Basilica" (Vatican City)

Online Voting

We have narrowed down the selection of FIS photo contest entries to the top 20.

Please help us determine our top prize winners by voting for the top three entries, in no particular order. Entries receiving the greatest number of votes will receive gift cards from the University Bookstore: 1st prize - $75; 2nd prize - $50; 3rd prize - $25.

Remember, photos should depict or capture the experience of contact with a French- or Italian-speaking culture or land.

An open house with refreshments will be held on Wednesday, December 5th at 2:30pm in the hallway of the French & Italian Studies wing of Padelford Hall (PDL C-254) to showcase the top 15-20 entries and honor our prize winners.

This is a great chance to meet other students in French & Italian Studies, find out about upcoming courses, and to get to know department faculty. Email with any questions.

Voting has now closed.