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Photo Contest 2016

Finalist Entries 2016

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  • View down a valley in the Dolomite Mountains with blue-green glacial ponds in the foreground.
    10 "The Sesto Dolomites" (Auronzo Di Cadore, Italy)

  • Colorful row houses along a canal in Burano, Italy
    14 "The Houses of Burano" (Burano, Italy)

  • Cream-colored wall with black spray paint graffiti
    11 "Beauty Is In The Streets, Revolting" (Genoa, Italy)

  • Three women in their 20s huddle for a photograph together as they ride a gondola in Venice, Italy. The gondolier is in the background above them, paddling.
    07 "Gondola Ride in Venice" (Venice, Italy)

  • View through a red clay arch with mosaic tile, looking in to a rocky beach with waves crashing.
    16 "Gateway to Paradise" (Toubab Dialaw, Senegal)

  • Aerial view of Toulouse, France along the waterfront.
    13 "La Ville en Rose" (Toulouse, France)

  • Nighttime photo of the Fontana di Trevi in Rome, Italy. The fountain is illuminated from below, making heavily contrasted views of Neptune and his horses
    17 "Findind Euphoria" (Rome, Italy)

  • Daytime photo of the Eiffel Tower standing right of center frame, with the half moon as a folcal point.
    02 "Half Moon" (Paris, France)

  • Man in sunglasses, navy/white striped long-sleeved shirt and knee-length jean shorts stands on the center divider of the road leading to the Arc de Triomphe, which perspective makes to appear that he is filling the archway.
    03 "La plus belle expérience de ma vie" (Paris, France)

  • Aerial view of the Promenade Des Anglais in Nice, France at dusk. The photo is a timelapse, turning the traffic on the street into streaks of white and red light.
    09 "The stunning Promenade Des Anglais" (Nice, France)

  • In the shadows of a desert canyon a woman holds a small child and points off into the distance. Another woman stand back and to the right of them.
    19 "Berber Cave Dwellers" (Morocco)

  • Backlit photo from inside the clock tower of the Musée d'Orsay, with peoples' silouhettes milling about infront of the backward clockface
    20 "Musée d'Orsay" (Paris, France)

  • A middle-aged man stands facing the camera. He is on a porch in front of a residential door with three cats milling around his feet.
    08 "Nonno e i suoi gattini" (Marzi, Italy - Calabria)

  • Man with backwards baseball cap holds up UW flag standing in front of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy.
    05 "When In Rome..." (Rome, Italy)

  • Squatting low infront of hanging fishing nets, a long-haired man watches a little girl and a kitten peer into his bucket of swimming fingerling fish.
    04 "Fisherman and His New Friends" (Burano, Italy)

  • Tourists walking inside under the high ceilings of Galleria vittorio
    01 "Galleria vittorio emanuele ii" (Milan, Italy)

  • View from the street down an alley in Castello, Venice. Lines of laundry drying span the gap between the buildings all the way down the street.
    12 "Clouds" (Castello, Venice, Italy)

  • Looking down through a natural stone archway down to a deep blue river slowly running through steep stone canyon walls.
    06 "Bridged in Blue" (Gaeta, Italy)

  • A wall of Carnevale masks hung on a wall in Venice Italy. There are so many masks they are piled atop one another, with only elongated noses sticking out.
    18 "Faces of Venice" (Venice, Italy)

  • Two people dressed in tall blue hats, porcelain white mask, and frilly frocks pose for a portrait at Carnevale in Venice Italy
    15 "Lo Spirito di Carnevale" (Venice, Italy)

Online Voting

We have narrowed down the selection of FIS photo contest entries to the top 20.

Please help us determine our top prize winners by voting for the top three entries, in no particular order. Entries receiving the greatest number of votes will receive gift cards from the University Bookstore: 1st prize - $75; 2nd prize - $50; 3rd prize - $25; Chair's Choice Award - $25.

Remember, photos should depict or capture the experience of contact with a French- or Italian-speaking culture or land.

An open house with refreshments will be held on Friday, November 18 from 1:30-3:00pm in the French & Italian Studies wing of Padelford Hall (PDL 2nd floor, C-wing) to showcase the top 20 entries and honor our prize winners.

This is a great chance to meet other students in French & Italian Studies, find out about upcoming courses, and to get to know department faculty.

Voting closed at 1:00pm on November 18, 2016.  Thanks for your interest!