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French & Italian Studies Newsletter - Spring 2019

Letter from the Chair

As we celebrate, at the 2019 FIS graduation, the achievements of 28 students who completed their BAs in French; 4 in Italian; 2 who completed an MA in French and a doctoral student who has just defended her dissertation, it’s a great time to reflect on an eventful and fulfilling year. In major faculty news, Maya Smith was promoted to tenured Associate Professor! Our ever lively cohort of 153 current majors and minors, along with our French and Italian alumni, continued to distinguish themselves, in their studies (Ashley Beeman received the highest award that the College of Arts and Sciences bestows on undergraduates!), in their professions, in their travels and in their engagement, through their passion for and expertise in French and Italian, with the world. I hope you’ll take the time to read about a few of these experiences in this and in future issues of the FIS newsletter. It is well worth it. A most hearty congratulations to all of our graduating students; and bonne continuation to students whom we look forward to seeing again next year and to alumni, whose stories we are always eager to hear about. Please stay in touch! Many thanks to colleagues and departmental staff for a terrific 2018-2019.

Have a great summer!

Geoffrey Turnovsky

Chair &  Associate Professor of French

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