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French Major Lia Koklic on the UW + Amazon Mentors Program

Submitted by Michael Rich on April 23, 2018 - 10:09am
Lia Koklic

 Lia Koklic, a sophomore pursuing a double degree in French (B.A) and Biology (B.S.) and in the interdisciplinary honors program recently participated in the UW + Amazon Mentors Program. Lia, who is from Woodiniville, WA  says the program was "was a wonderful opportunity to gain an inside look into future job opportunities and career pathways."

In the UW + Amazon Mentors Program  students are matched with mentors at Amazon to explore the professional world through the lens of Seattle’s largest employer. Lia was assigned a group mentor who gave her great advice on how to be a good job candidate and introduced her "to co-workers with a multitude of backgrounds, who each specialize in a different area/field at Amazon." Lia, a student of the humanities and the sciences found it beneficial to  see "many different experiences and to hear their stories of how they got to be at Amazon." After working with her mentor, Lia is inspired to seek internships that incorporate the French language (in translation and localization) as well as internships where she could apply her study of Biology.

After graduation Lia hopes to teach English in one of France’s overseas departments through the Teaching Assistant Program in France (TAPIF). Lia plans to go to graduate school where she would love to conduct field research in a French speaking part of the world. Lia is still deciding on what graduate program and professional field to go into but overall she feels "a lot more confident about applying for jobs" and is excited for the next step in her professional journey after the UW + Amazon Mentors Program.