Autumn 2014 Course: "Fashion" in Early Modern Europe

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Prof. Susan Gaylard
5 credits 
F 2:30-5:20

This course examines the emergence and subsequent problematizing of the notion of “fashion” from early modern Europe to the 1990s--with a focus on Italian, French, and English texts and images. As late medieval clothing became gender-specific and more closely fitted to the body, the concept of “fashion” itself began to shift—from its original sense of “to make, mold” to the meaning it has today. This course examines literary and visual reflections of what “fashion” has meant at specific moments in time, from Boccaccio to Dolce e Gabbana. 

Graduate students only. All class discussion and written assignments will be in English. Readings will be available in both English and the original. Students with reading knowledge of Italian, French, and/or Latin should read in the original.