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Spring 2014 Course - Qualitative Research Methods

Submitted by Jennifer M. Keene on February 7, 2014 - 9:37am

French 499
5 credits
MW 1:30-3:20
Maya Smith, Asst. Professor

Conducted in English

Both theoretical and practical, this course covers the fundamentals of qualitative research methods. Throughout the course, we will discuss different forms of qualitative data (field notes, interviews, participant observation), explore various types of data analysis (thematic, content, discourse analysis), and learn how to code our data. With the tools acquired in this course, students will design and implement a small-scale qualitative study as well as analyze some of the data collected. The primary goal of this course is to train students in developing research questions, conducting fieldwork, and analyzing qualitative data.

French 499 Course Flyer (PDF)