SP 2014 Course: Survival Italian for the Rome-bound Student

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Spring 2014     
Italian 127 (2 credits)
Instructor: Sabrina Tatta
Two sections: M/W 4:30-5:20pm or T/TH 4:30-5:20pm

In Italian 127 we will focus on developing very basic communication and comprehension skills in Italian.  Listening and speaking in class should help increase rudimentary language survival skills and vocabulary for varying situations that may take place while you are studying abroad in Italy. We will review information and language that pertains to greetings, taking public transportation, ordering food, bartering at the market, ordering in a deli and asking for assistance. The intended outcome is that students will come away with the ability to communicate confidently and in a culturally sensitive and intelligent fashion in service-oriented situations while abroad.

This course may be taken up to three different times (2 cr. each time, 6 maximum) for credit. This course may be taken graded or S/NS and will count as elective credit towards your degree.

Daily participation.  This course requires constant in class student attention, participation and preparation.   Lack of participation will be taken into account in the final grade results.

Memorization:  Besides conversation and language activities that mimic service-oriented situations (like ordering in a deli), students will also be required to memorize 15 vocab words and/or phrases per week in addition to numbers and the alphabet.

Weekly vocabulary quiz and/or skit

Midterm and Final: skit, presentation, vocabulary test

Italian 127 Flyer (PDF)