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Three Dean's Medalists Hail from French and Italian Studies

Submitted by Arts & Sciences Web Team on December 1, 2011 - 3:20pm

What do the past three Dean’s Medalists in the Humanities have in common? Lots!  First, all three were French majors. Two were English majors as well.  These three students each demonstrate a natural curiosity about the world, a desire to help others, the ability to make connections across disciplines and to relate their experiences to the world at large, all the while demonstrating leadership through tutoring, volunteer work, and/or internship projects. 

Have a look at the following links to learn about these outstanding students!

  • Josh Gailey - 2012 Dean's Medalist in the Arts
  • Eric Beu - 2011 Dean's Medalist in the Humanities
  • William (Cory) Potts - 2010 Dean's Medalist in the Humanities
  • Ada Albuquerque da Silva - 2009 Dean's Medalist in the Humanities

  Eric Beu William Potts 

Josh Gailey, Eric Beu, William (Cory) Potts, Ada Da Silva

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