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FRENCH 590 C: Special Seminar And Conference

Translation Across the Disciplines

Meeting Time: 
F 11:30am - 3:20pm
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Joint Sections: 
SCAND 590 A, ASIAN 590 A, SLAVIC 600 B
Richard Watts

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This team-taught seminar endeavors to create a community of scholars in the humanities and humanistic social sciences working across modern languages as well as those in other fields who see translation as crucial to their scholarship and engagement with the world. Transdisciplinary and multilingual, it aims to generate the opportunity to dialogue with UW faculty and others whose work connects with Translation Studies. It also provides the chance to work closely with peers and faculty leads Michael Biggins (Slavic Studies), Heekyoung Cho (Asian Languages and Literature), and Richard Watts (French and Italian Studies) on a quarter-long translation project. Course meets Fridays 11:30-3:20pm on Zoom.

Guest lectures include: 

  • Olga Levaniouk (Classics) on Translations of Homer Across Time and Space
  • Maya Smith (French and Italian) on Senegalese Abroad and Lives Lived in Translation
  • Cynthia Steele (Spanish & Portuguese) on Selecting and Translating Texts Strategically and with an Eye toward Publication
  • Brian Baer (Director, Kent State University Translation Studies Program) on Translation and Anthologies of Queer Literature
  • Scott Noegel (Near Eastern Languages and Civilization) on Rendering Word Play in Akkadian, Hieroglyphic Egyptian and Biblical Hebrew
  • Sasha Senderovich (Slavic Languages and Literatures) on Assessing Multiple English Translations of Isaak Babel's Red Cavalry" (120 minutes)”; 
  • Aria Fani (Near Eastern Languages and Civilization) on Translation in the Aftermath of Colonial Modernity
  • Joseph Marino (Asian Languages and Literature, Buddhist Studies) on Translating Early Buddhist Manuscripts 
  • Jungo Kasai (Computer Science and Engineering) on Machine Translation: its History, Revolution, and Future Prospects

For more information, please contact Michael Biggins (, Heekyoung Cho (, or Richard Watts (


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