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Ital 201 A: Intermediate Italian

Meeting Time: 
MTWThF 11:30am - 12:20pm
THO 202
Beatrice Arduini

Syllabus Description:

Instructor: Dr. Beatrice Arduini


Class meeting: M T W Th (F) 11:30 - 12:20PM Thomson Hall (THO) 202

Office Hours: by appointment

Course Description:

Italian 201-202-203 is a three-part intermediate sequence aiming to develop students’ four skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) up to the B1 proficiency level on the CEFR scale (see detailed targets at the end of syllabus). Italian 200 is taught through a task-based approach. This methodology entails exclusive use of Italian in class and focuses on communicative skills, fostering a highly interactive class in which the language is contextualized and emphasis is placed on meaning as well as forms. 

Sequence Objectives:

By the end of the Italian 200 sequence, you will be able to:





·       Plan and discuss a trip;

·       Narrate and describe experiences in the past;

·       Express feelings and emotions;

·       Express and discuss personal tastes;

·       Use some slang and familiar expressions;

·       Give advice;

·       Discuss personal ambitions and motivations;

·       Express dreams and regrets;

·       Express conditionality and hypothesis;

·       Ask specific questions.


·       State and defend opinions;

·       Express agreement and opposition;

·       Discuss, describe and debate personal uses of the internet and social media;

·       Express necessity, possibility interdiction and doubt;

·       Express manner;

·       Write a formal letter of complaint;

·       Express and discuss personal tastes in film and television;

·       React to and describe a film or work of art;

·       Express wishes and desires.



·       Discuss, describe and debate the world of media and information;

·       Relate another person’s discourse in the present and the past;

·       Relate and describe an important current or past event;

·       Give a presentation on a current event;

·       Discuss, describe, compare and debate educational practices;

·       Read and discuss a short story in Italian.



Textbook and Instructional Materials:

Required:      3 p/s Loose Leaf Immagina (3e 19) w/ SuperSite Plus & WebSam package ($223.75 new  and $168.85 for a used book from the University Bookstore)

Catalog Description: 
Intensive speaking, reading, and writing. Functional review of grammar. First in a sequence of three. Prerequisite: either ITAL 103, ITAL 113, ITAL 134, or score of 57-100 on IT TL placement test.
GE Requirements: 
Visual, Literary, and Performing Arts (VLPA)
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