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Placement Test Information

If you took French or Italian in high school you must take the first year (100 level) placement test, unless you already have college credit from UW in the High School, Running Start, AP, or Higher Level IB French/Italian exams. Otherwise, the UW registration system will not allow you to register for French/Italian courses.

Learn more about Foreign Language credit and requirements at the UW .
If you have never taken French/Italian, you do not need to take a placement test and you are eligible for the first quarter language course (101 or 134).

Students who have taken 2 or more years of French/Italian in high school or use French/Italian as their language of admission to the UW will not earn credit if they take French/Italian 101 at UW as it is considered high school duplication. If such a  student takes the placement test and places into 101 then that student may take 101 but will not receive credit for the class. The student will take the class and receive a grade but the credits will not apply to overall total needed for graduation. 

100 Level Placement Exam

100-level French & Italian Placement exams are multiple-choice and consist of 100 questions.
Score of 0-14 - Placement into 101
Score of 15-30 - Placement into 102
Score of 31-56 - Placement into 103
Score of 57 or above - Placement into 201/eligible for 200-level placement exam. Students who place into French/Italian 201 fulfill the College of Arts and Sciences Foreign Language Requirement. 

The 100 Level Placement test cost $30 and is administered at the Office of Educational Assessment Testing Center in 440 Schmitz Hall. Find an available testing day and preregister for a test with them online.

200 Level Placement Exam 

  • If a student places into French/Italian 201 and wishes to take the 200-level placement exam in order to potentially place into an even higher course that exam can be scheduled through the Testing Center by calling (206) 543-1171. Students wishing to by-pass the 100-level exam and take the 200-level exam should consult with an adviser in French/Italian to inquire about permission to do so. 
  • The 200 level exam consists of short essay questions and lasts for one hour. It can take approximately two weeks for 200-level exams to be graded and results processed. Please note that we may not have proper staffing for second year exams to be graded during quarter breaks or over the summer.

General Registration Information:

This information is applicable to students with placement test scores, transfer students, and out-of-sequence students.
Students who take a placement test, have transfer credit and others who are not currently enrolled in a language a course become eligible to register at the start of Period II. Please check the academic calendar for Period I & II dates. Students with no French/Italian language on record at the UW (high school level or above) are eligible to register for 101 during Period I.