2nd Annual French & Italian Studies Academic Award Winners!

Submitted by Amanda Demeter on
"Un Gros Malentendu" by Margaux Clarke

We are very pleased to announce the winners of the  second annual French & Italian Studies Academic Awards! All students who have enrolled in a French & Italian Studies course during the 2021-2022 academic year were eligible to submit one project completed in a FIS course. Examples of submissions could be recorded presentations, well-written and researched papers, or other creative projects that exhibit innovation (in any format or medium). A FIS faculty committee review the submitted projects and make a selection of award winning projects to be honored and displayed on the FIS website.  

All of the winning projects showed original thinking and excellent understanding of the material and the Department of French & Italian Studies would like to commend all of the students who submitted projects during this challenging academic year. We would like to thank Associate Professor Louisa Mackenzie and Assistant Professor Hannah Frydman for their efforts to evaluate and select our awards winners. We plan to host the French & Italian Studies Academic Awards again, so students please consider submitting a project next year. Please find our prize winners and links to their projects below.

Mariam Kanakomo, 1st Place, $200

Simon Ferry, 2nd Place, $175

Noah Williams, 3rd Place, $150

Julie Wagoner, Runner Up, $100

Tiffany Palomino, Runner Up, $100

Eulalie Mathieu, Runner Up, $100

Xueqi Tian, Runner Up, $100

Mazzi Nowicki, Honorable Mention, $50

Margaux Clarke, Honorable Mention, $50