Summer 2021 French Courses!

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Eiffel Tower at Trocadero on the 14th of July" (Paris, France) photo credit: Ryan Skinner

     Take French online with us in summer 2021 and continue your French language study, earn VLPA  credits, and prepare to study abroad or travel in the Francophone world! Register for summer courses here. Email with any questions about summer French courses.

  1. FRENCH 103 A Elementary French - A term  (Synchronous Online Classes MTWTh 9:40-11:50am)
  2. FRENCH 201 A Intermediate French - A term (Synchronous Online Classes MTWTh 9:40-11:50am)
  3. FRENCH 202 A Intermediate French - B term (Synchronous Online Classes MTWTh 9:40-11:50am) Instructor: Lorenzo Giachetti
  4. FRENCH 240 Introduction to French & Italian Studies (Asynchronous online course. No prerequisites, Taught in English.) Instructor: Beatrice Arduini                                                                                                               Why do we call scheming political calculation “Machiavellian”? What inspired Parisian crowds in July 1789 to storm the Bastille prison, igniting the French Revolution? What is Italian food and why is Italian cuisine so popular around the world? Why does the French census not collect racial and ethnic data?

         FRENCH/ITAL 240 will explore these and other questions, in order to help us better understand the histories and present-day cultures of Italy, France and the Francophone world. We’ll study selected episodes, contributions, and struggles that define the past, present, and future of these countries: the rise of nationalism, Euro-skepticism and anti-immigrant sentiment; the enduring importance of literary culture, embodied by a figure such as Dante, still a national poet 700 years after his death; issues of multilingual interactions and translation in/of the Francophone world.

  5. FRENCH 315 A Everything but Writing  Advanced Oral Skills Development - A term (Synchronous Online Classes MTThF 9:40-11:50am) Prerequisite FRENCH 203.  Instructor: Hedwige Meyer                             Focuses entirely on the development of oral production skills, listening comprehension skills and vocabulary expansion, through the use of audio-visual documents as well as texts. Using a task-based approach, achieves a high level of interaction among students while working on group projects and individual presentations. Also focuses on phonetics and pronunciation.
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