Enroll now in Summer French and Italian Classes!

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Use your summer to improve your language skills, prepare for Fall Quarter, and set yourself up to study abroad! We offer a variety of French language classes, Italian language classes, and content courses during Summer Quarter. Our first year intensive classes are a great way to learn French or Italian quickly and require no prior language ability. See below for our full list of French and Italian classes, and check out UW Summer Quarter for general information! For times, days and SLNs of classes, visit the Time Schedule.

French Summer Courses 2017

  • French 101: Elementary French (A-term)*
  • French 102: Elementary French (B-term)*
  • French 103: Elementary French (A-term)
  • French 134: Intensive First-Year French (covers 101-103) (Full-term)*
  • French 201: Intermediate French (A-term)
  • French 202: Intermediate French (B-term)
  • French 203: Intermediate French (B-term)
  • French 301: Advanced French (A-term)
  • French 302: Advanced French (B-term)
  • French 390: "Everything but Writing: Advanced Oral Skills Development" (A-term)

Italian Summer Courses 2017

  • Italian 134: Intensive First-Year Italian (Full-term)
  • Italian 234: Intensive Second-Year Italian (Full-term)
  • Italian 366/466: "Italian Society in Cinema" (A-term)

*A-term runs from June 19th to July 19th. B-term runs from July 20th to August 19th. Full-term courses cover this entire period.

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