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Louisa Mackenzie receives joint Mellon Fellowship for course development

Submitted by Fis Assistant on March 8, 2016 - 4:20pm
realistic pencil drawing of a lion

 FIS Associate Professor Louisa Mackenzie, together with CHID program director María Elena García, have been awarded a Mellon Fellowship for Summer 2016 to create a new graduate-level course that will be taught in Spring 2017. These grants are part of a project run by The Simpson Center called “Re-Imagining the Humanities PhD.” The working title of the seminar is "The Animals are Coming," and it will explore how social justice issues such as class, race and gender affect our relations with animals, providing an introduction to the field of Animal Studies. Leading up to this, Louisa and María Elena have been collaborating through the Simpson Center on research known as "Intersectional Animal Studies" which also examines the dynamics between the human and animal worlds.