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Second Annual French & Italian Photo Contest!

Submitted by Emily G. Lloyd on October 21, 2014 - 3:52pm
2013-2014 1st place winner: "The Island of Color" by Mackenzie Altig.

Above: 2013-2014 1st place winner; "The Island of Color" by Mackenzie Altig.

We are pleased to announce the second annual French & Italian Studies undergraduate photo competition!  So many of you have taken such stunning photographs while studying abroad in our many programs - Framing Rome Exploration Seminar; Summer in Martinique; and Fall in Nantes just to name a few.  Now is the opportunity to share your knack for the camera with your fellow students, FIS faculty, and staff! For the second year in a row we are encouraging our students who have studied abroad in one of our programs, or on independent trips to Italy, France, and the francophone world, to submit their photographs for a chance at fortune and glory. For more information, visit our contest Catalyst page at

Submission deadline: 07 November 2014

Voting deadline: 19 November 2014 by 3PM (VOTE HERE)

Gala & Prize Awarding: 19 November 2014 (over $150 dollars in prizes for the top three entries!)