Spring 2014 Course: Atelier d’écriture/Writer’s Workshop

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French 406 
5 credits, VLPA

Prof. Denyse Delcourt
T/TH 1:30-3:20pm

  • Do you hope to one day work for a French company? 
    French 406 will help you write correct and convincing cover letters and resumes. 
  • Are you perhaps considering a career in translation?
    French 406 will help you develop some of the skills necessary to achieve your goal. 
  • Are you interested in working in sofware localisation?
    French 406 will make you aware of some of France and other Francophone countries’ cultural and political sensitivities through a variety of texts: literary, historical, journalistic, pedagogical, political, etc. 
  • Do you wish to write better papers in your French classes? 
    French 406 will help you improve your writing skills by giving you tools to succeed in all the essay types required of French minors and majors; including summary, text analysis, critical essay, reader’s response, and book or film review. 
  • Do you wish you could express yourself more creatively in French?
    French 406 will give you the means and the opportunities  to do some creative writing projects.

Course conducted in French

French 406 Course Flyer (PDF)