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Master of Arts FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions - French and Italian M.A. Students

How many credits may I transfer (potentially) from my former graduate program to my current graduate program?

A maximum of 6 quarter credits. Please see additional notes on transfer credit on The Graduate School Web page under Transfer Credit.

How do I transfer those credits?

Fill out a Petition to the Dean form and attach a transcript to the petition. Your Graduate Program Adviser must sign the petition.

How will I be allocated a class as a Predoctoral Instructor?

Your French Coordinator will ask you to teach a 100-200 level course. If you are interested in TAing for the Rome and Paris courses specifically you should submit a dossier containing a CV, any teaching evaluations, and a brief, written statement explaining what your academic interests are.

When should I take my auxiliary language exam? What are my auxiliary language options?

You should take the auxiliary language exam by the end of your first year in the Graduate Program. Suggested auxiliary languages are Spanish, Italian, German, and Portuguese. Options are as follows:

A. Students can take the graduate proficiency language tests in Spanish, German, Italian or Portuguese. that administered by individual language departments. Please contact these departments to schedule the exam.

B. Students may take a third year level language course that focuses on writing, reading and comprehension such as French 301, 302, or 303. Italian 301, Spanish 301-303, etc.

*Please note that if students wish to pursue an auxiliary language besides one of the four above they need permission from the Graduate Program Coordinator and that notation and the passing of the Graduate-level reading exam in the alternative language should be noted in their file by the Academic Programs and Services specialist in FIS.

How should I prepare for the French M.A. Final Project?

A. In conjunction with the Graduate Coordinator, choose three faculty members who are willing to serve on your Supervisory Committee. Your Supervisory Committee members are the professors who will oversee your M.A. Final Project.

* Choose your Supervisory Committee members no later than the 5th quarter of graduate study.

* Your committee members will be available to discuss what can be expected for your M.A. Final Project.

How do I apply for graduation as an M.A. student?

Graduate students who expect to complete the requirements for a Master's degree by the end of any given quarter must complete a Master's Degree Request online (check deadlines & details here).

It is required that students be registered during the quarter in which degree requirements are met and degree is expected.

The filing of the application for the Master's degree is solely the responsibility of the student. As soon as the student has submitted the request for graduation to the graduate school they must notify the Academic Programs and Services specialist in FIS so that the request may be approved.

Applications are evaluated for Graduate School requirements and if approved are forwarded to the appropriate Graduate Program Assistant. When the student has passed the final examination, the application, signed by the student's committee, is returned to the Graduate School no later than the last week of the quarter.