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Fellowships and Grants

Resources for Graduate Students to find Fellowship Support

This is intended as a springboard for you to do your own research. I'm not making any claims about the merits of these links, or any guarantee that clicking them will get you a fellowship.

For UW grad students:

As yet there is no departmental fellowship for French and Italian grads. However there is a university-wide competition for grads writing dissertations, the Humanities Dissertation Fellowship. You might want to start here if you are writing. The Fulbright, Fritz, Javitz, Western European Travel Grant, are all study-abroad grants that you should look into if you want to spend a year abroad.

Start at the U's own portal

UW Graduate School List of Fellowships including Humanities Dissertation Fellowship, Fritz, Fulbright, Javitz.

A UW teaching fellowship

There is an annual competition for Huckabay Teaching Fellowships.  This offers one quarter's support for you to work on a teaching-related project. The student designs a project around their own academic interests, in collaboration with a faculty mentor.

Foreign Service Careers

For MA students interested in pursuing a career in the US foreign service, there is the Pickering Fellowship, administered by the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation. It is intended for recent grads or seniors who want to pursue an MA relevant to a career in foreign service (including foreign languages):

Study Abroad

The Chateaubriand Fellowship is a prestigious fellowship for one year study in France. For US citizens.

The Phi Beta Kappa Society offers the Walter J. Jensen Fellowship for French Language, Literature and Culture. The award offers a stipend of $10,000 plus airfare to study in France.

Rotary awards

The Rotary Foundation and local Rotary clubs offer a number of different scholarships. Learn more about Rotary Scholarships.

Support through school

Mellon Fellowships: usually two years of support for entering grads. Prestigious. Visit their Higher Education Fellowships section to see what funding is currently available.

At some point you might want to think about taking out loans. Federal subsidized are a good deal since interest does not accumulate until you finish. Apply with a FAFSA form, through the UW Student Financial Aid Office.

See also:

Other sites to browse (not UW specific)

Here are some other portals I have found with a mass of assembled information on lots of scholarships. Note that a site put up by a particular university does not mean you have to be a student at that university.

For Minorities and Women:

General Databases: