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Visitor Intake Form

Complete this form when planning to formally invite a guest to UW. Written approval from the Chair is required. Once approved, please send the Chair's approval, including the dollar amount of the approval, to the administrator.

Visitor Information
Include details such as the title of the talk, the title of the reading, or other event details.
Host Information
Attach any relevant documentation, such as a chair approval letter.
Files must be less than 4 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg pdf doc docx.
Honorarium Payments
If the visitor is a foreign national, confirm they will not exceed the "9/5/6" rule. Also note the withholding rules and necessary immigration and tax forms.
Include additional details about honorarium payments, such as whether the visitor needs to apply for an ITIN while on campus.
Travel Details
Include approximate costs of airfare and hotel; details about who is arranging travel; details about who is paying travel costs.
Please list any specific guest needs (e.g., internet access, etc.)
Itemize expected meals and costs.