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Italian Studies in Umbria and Veneto - Spring Quarter 2018

     The Italian Studies in Umbria and Veneto focuses on a full immersion within
Italian language and culture. It runs for the first five weeks of the
quarter in the town of Castelfranco Veneto (not far from Venice) while
for the following five weeks the program moves to the town of Citta’ di
Castello in the region of Umbria (not far from Perugia). These towns
have been chosen for their rich cultural heritage, for their
geographical position (surrounded by many culturally vibrant locations)
and the possibility to expose the students to an authentic Italian
experience by staying with families. The students are housed with and
have their meals supplied by local families where they live and
experience an authentic Italian family lifestyle.

While there, students are totally integrated within the social and cultural life of the town.
The students will take courses taught by the UW faculty that also stress
the exposure to the language and culture of the area. More importantly,
they volunteer engaging students in local high schools in both
locations. Our students are also involved in various other family and
town activities such as side trips with families; concerts organized by
local administrations; excursions around town and nearby historical
sites. Given the particular attractive locations, students will also
engage in one or more program short field trips that include Venice,
Verona, Perugia and Arezzo. A longer field trip of three days is planned
to Rome.


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