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Italian Studies in Rome and Calabria - Spring Quarter

The Italian Studies in Rome and Calabria has been running for several years. At this point it is well established, and has continued to attract and interest a great number of UW students, in light of the fact that it is designed in all aspects to offer UW students interested a full immersion in to the Italian culture.

Generally the program runs for the first 4 weeks of the quarter at the UW Rome Center, while the subsequent rest of the program it moves to the small town of Rogliano, located nearby the largest city of Cosenza, in Calabria. In Rogliano all students are housed within a local family where they live and experience authentic Italian family lifestyle. They are totally integrated within the social and cultural life of the town. Besides taking regular content classes with UW faculty every afternoon, students spend four mornings of the week teaching English and interacting with 1st and 2nd grade pupils at the local elementary school, as a form of volunteering and community service to the town (this has been a tremendous success for the cultural experience of our students as well for their complete acceptance in the life of the town). Beside this, our students are involved in all other family and town activities such as side trips with their families; concerts organized by the local administrations; excursions around town and nearby historical sites, and any other recreational activity available in the area.

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