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Italian Studies in Rome & Calabria info session (Spring 2014)

Italian Studies in Rome - group photo
Friday, October 25, 2013 - 2:00pm
THO 125

The Italian Studies Program in Rome and Calabria takes place during the Spring Quarter of 2014.  The philosophy of the program is an exciting and challenging immersion in the culture and language of Italy. 

The first part of the program will take place in Rome where classes are held at the University of Washington Rome Center where students are housed in apartments.

During the second part of the program in Calabria students will stay with local families.  Both experiences will provide invaluable cultural insight into everyday Italian life.

Courses offered (for a total of 15 credits) include elementary, intermediate and advanced Italian grammar (103, 203, 303), a course on Contemporary Italian culture, and a course on cultural and artistic itineraries of Central and Southern Italy. A  field trip to Sicily will take place while in Calabria.

Program Cost

Students participating in the program will pay the program fee of $5,700, the $300 Study abroad fee (IPE) fee, and the Rome Center fee of $ 1,215.  Students studying abroad DO NOT pay tuition.

The program fee includes room when in rome and room and board during the stay in Calabria. The fee also includes instruction, transportation and lodging during program excursions and use of Rome Center facilities. The program fee does not include airfare, insurance or personal spending money.

Courses offered

  • Elementary Italian:  Ital 103, 5 credits, Instructor: Ruggero taradel
  • Intermediate Italian: Ital 203, 5 credits, instructor: Ruggero Taradel

[These are respectively the third quarter of the elementary, intermediate, AND ADVANCED sequences.]

  • Contemporary Italian Culture: Ital 199, 5 credits, Instructor: Albert sbragia
  •  Contemporary Italian Culture: Ital 299, 5 credits, instructor: Albert Sbragia

These two courses take advantage of the location to introduce and discuss the representations of contemporary italian culture and society.

We will view films, read materials and have presentations so that you will have a better grasp of the society you are experiencing.

  • Artistic and historical itineraries in Italy, 5 credits:  Ruggero Taradel 

Weekly visits to museums, archeological sites, monuments and cultural attractions in and around Rome.  Visits are designed to provide students with direct understanding of the culture and history of Rome and Italy.       


For further information on the program, please contact Professor Albert Sbragia, Program Director, via e-mail at  

Full program information and applications are available online

Informational Meeting: Friday, October 25, at 2.00 PM, THO 125

For Information on financial aid and scholarships for study abroad opportunities, please visit the UW Study Abroad website.