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Event Planning Form

Complete this form when planning an FIS hosted event. If you do not yet have all of the event details confirmed please fill out the form as best you can. Please send any updates or changes to the event to Written approval of the chair is required.

Room Reservation
Please list the date and time period you need the room, along with the minimum number of required seats, if you have building or specific room preference and any AV equipment needed in the room (if any).
Promotion and Audience
Would you like a flyer created for this event? If so, please attach an image file for the flyer and other flyer text. (alternatively, you can email the information directly to
Files must be less than 4 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg pdf doc docx.
If so please speak with the chair about your request for FIS staff support.
Please list the location/time of the reception, expected number of guests, and any food and beverages you wish to serve.
Please note if alcohol is not served by a licensed caterer we must obtain a WA State issued banquet permit or special occasion license to serve alcohol. A banquet permit costs $10 and is required when attendance at event is by invitation. A special occasion license costs $50 and is required when the event is open to the public. Submit an Alcohol Service Request for approval to to purchase a banquet permit or special occasion license.
Do you plan to have a faculty dinner for the visitor? If so, please provide an expected guest list.